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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is SKILLOON and how does it benefit me?

SKILLOON is an innovative online learning environment designed to foster entrepreneurial skills among students, equipping them with essential competencies for success in today's dynamic world. By engaging with SKILLOON, individuals gain access to a diverse range of courses curated to cultivate vital entrepreneurial mindsets and practical skill sets.

SKILLOON holds in itself many kinds of benefit areas: entrepreneurial skill development, interactive learning experience, flexible and personalized learning, practical applications, working life skills, cooperation skills, listening skills, goal setting and self-management skills, success in studies, working life and life.
SKILLOON develops entrepreneurial skills and helps to succeed in current studies and in the future working life. It guides you towards the skills you will need in the 21st century. SKILLOON is based on wide international research and Finnish acclaimed teaching style.


What is Certified Premium Coaching Program?

In the Certified Premium Coaching Program, you will work together with our CEO Dr. Jaana Seikkula-Leino, Professor of Pedagogy and a renowned educator, entrepreneur and business professional. As your personal mentor she offers you both academically and practically effective guidance tailored to your individual learning style and career  aspirations.

You will engage directly with Dr. Seikkula-Leino through a series of interactive online meetings on Zoom. Additionally, you will receive ongoing support and feedback via email. Your individual program will be flexible to accommodate your schedule, yet structured enough to guarantee practical progress. The program requires around half
a year and 40-50 hours of work – and it will pay off!


Ready to begin? Contact us at

Is SKILLOON suitable for me?

If you’re a student eager to achieve new skills, the answer is yes – SKILLOON is an ideal fit for you! It doesn’t matter what field you're in or whether you attend a university or a university of applied sciences – nor where you're from.
SKILLOON is designed specifically for young students who may not yet have a lot of work experience and who seek confidence in transitioning to their professions or advancing in their careers. It’s also an excellent resource for those aspiring towards entrepreneurship!

What can I expect from SKILLOON's courses?

When you purchase a course on SKILLOON, you’ll get access to our online learning platform and a broad range of course materials and assignments. Our experts have customized tasks to assist you in exploring challenges and opportunities in both your personal and career-related life, guiding you through the course step by step.
By completing SKILLOON’s courses, you enhance your self-knowledge, build confidence and improve your everyday life management skills, such as setting achievable goals and schedules. As you accomplish tasks, you earn points and your expertise reaches new heights. You can track your progress on the platform. You can complete assignments whenever it works well for you. Access to the learning platform is available for one year after purchase.

What are SKILLOON’s courses based on?

SKILLOON’s learning materials are 100 % research-based, emphasizing the exceptional quality of the globally valued Finnish education system. Our team’s dedicated work has gained national and international recognition from entities such as The European Commission, the OECD, the UN, The Finnish National Agency of Education, and The Finnish Ministry of Employment and Economy. SKILLOON is an official member of Education Finland. Moreover, our courses have undergone field-testing by hundreds of Finnish and international students and educators. Their feedback has consistently highlighted that SKILLOON’s courses significantly enhance academic success and future career possibilities.

What are Basic and Premium level courses? How do they differ?

Our Basic courses serve as an excellent starting point for learning! They cover five different subject areas: Tick-Tock Time Management, Entrepreneurial Thinking, Know Yourself, Create Path to Your Dreams and Success in Exams.
Additionally, we offer two Premium courses which elevate your skills to another level by providing even broader course content and personalized coaching tailored to your specific needs. You will keep in contact with your mentor online and learn the best practices in education and entrepreneurship. Basic courses generally take approximately six to ten hours to be completed. Premium courses, on the other hand, require around half a year and 40-50 hours of work.

How does SKILLOON measure student progress or success?

At SKILLOON, we have an innovative system to track student progress by accumulating what we call ‘flight meters’ as rewards. The system is designed so that the more challenging the task you complete, the more flight meters you earn. In fact, SKILLOON is metaphorically a hot air balloon that gains a boost and rises higher as you diligently and actively complete tasks. As you develop your skills in SKILLOON, the hot air balloon flies ever higher!

Additionally, in our Premium courses, you benefit from individualized feedback on your progress. This tailored approach offers a deeper understanding of your skill development throughout the course, and you'll receive specific guidance on areas of strength and opportunities for further growth. This personalized feedback is instrumental in shaping your learning journey, enabling you to refine your skills more effectively and strategically plan your future learning goals.

Will I receive a certificate from SKILLOON's courses? What are the benefits of having such a certificate?

You will receive a certificate demonstrating your proficiency after completing five Basic courses or by finishing a single Premium course. The certificate serves as documentation of the topics covered in the course and the level of expertise you attained. It will be sent to your email for printing or downloading onto your device. You can utilize the certificate, for example when applying for a job, to prove your familiarity with valuable work skills and your dedication to self-development. You also receive an online skill badge to be used on your social media. Order your certificate by contacting our coordinator

How do I start using SKILLOON?

Select a suitable course from the course menu and click ‘Add to Cart’. The course will be added to your cart. Access your cart from the icon in the top right corner, enter your contact information and proceed to payment. Payment options include PayPal and Google Pay.

SKILLOON can be used with multiple devices, so it doesn’t matter if you have a PC or a Mac or a phone or a tablet. Once the payment is completed, you will immediately receive your login credentials via email as well as a pdf at the payment and you may begin your learning journey right away!

If you encounter any issues with payment or logging in, please reach out to us through our coordinator Our team will respond to you within 24 hours during working days.

How does SKILLOON handle my personal data and does it comply with data protection regulations?

At SKILLOON, we understand the importance of protecting your personal information and are committed to complying with the European Union's data protection legislation in all our operations. This means that all user data, including personal information, is kept securely protected and handled with the utmost care.

While we use the data collected for research purposes, we ensure that all such information is anonymized before use. This means that no individual user can be identified based on the research data. Therefore, you can trust that your identity remains protected when participating in SKILLOON's courses and programs. Additionally, should you request it, all your personal data will be completely removed from SKILLOON after your courses are completed, ensuring your right to data privacy is fully respected.

Can I purchase SKILLOON courses as a gift for someone, like my child, or buy multiple course licenses at the same time for other users?

Absolutely! SKILLOON offers the option to buy our courses as gifts for family members, friends or colleagues. You can also purchase multiple course licenses at once if you wish to provide the learning experience to several individuals simultaneously. This is a great way to support others in their learning and development.

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References and Achievements


SKILLOON is a learning environment developed in cooperation with several Finnish schools, universities, and research groups. It involves a high degree of international cooperation.
Teachers, researchers, ICT experts, and students have produced functionalities and content for the SKILLOON environment. The SKILLOON used in Finnish schools has been created in projects coordinated by the Mynämäki municipality and funded, e.g., by The Finnish National Agency for Education, The European Union Social Fund, and The Regional Council of Southwest Finland. International testing and dissemination are carried out with the Not a Bad Idea company and Education Finland standard. 


The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture has integrated SKILLOON, by the project called Digitrainer for Education, into the national entrepreneurship education strategy, Entrepreneurship for Education – Guidelines in Finland, 2017.

Research on SKILLOON is continuing

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Constantly growing user numbers! Skilloon is already in use by more than 1,000 students, and 120 upper secondary schools in Finland have become acquainted with the learning environment. Furthermore, growing number of universities are using Skilloon.

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